About Us

The Office of Preparedness and Response (OP&R) is responsible for the overall public health emergency preparedness for the state. The Office of Preparedness and Response (OP&R) staffs the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Command Center during a significant public health event, such as pandemic, natural disaster, act of terrorism or any incident that requires the coordination of state-level health department resources. All staff are trained in the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS). The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) Command Center coordinates the state health department response to an incident in collaboration with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency's (MEMA) Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and other state agencies. 


The Office of Preparedness and Response organizes and prepares for public health and medical emergencies through statewide partnerships with public, private and government agencies to coordinate an effective emergency response for the health and safety of all residents of Maryland.


A prepared Maryland.


Last updated: 06/14/2017